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Making You Look Good

Centre Square is a boutique, Brisbane-based company offering design and build services for the retail and hospitality industry. We specialise in creating stunning kiosks, displays, Pop Up activations and everything in between. With a strong client focus, we manage every aspect of your project, from initial concept through to design development, production and installation.

Established in 2008 by Danny Rosenberg, our retail and interior design studio is founded on a passion for great design and creative solutions.

With over twenty years hands-on experience in industrial design and manufacturing, Danny is uniquely qualified to deliver outstanding design solutions. Danny’s approach is to develop long lasting positive experiences for clients.

Your business is different, so we approach each your project and needs with fresh eyes to create a unique retail space. Our clients live outside the box. We work closely with you as we conceptualise and bring to life a one-of-a-kind creation.

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Concept Design

Pushing The Boundaries Of Possibility

Conceptual design is one of our strongest assets. With 20-year experience in commercial design, we understand the business of retail spaces and how physical space impacts brand perception, operational efficiency, and profitability. Our consulting helps you see what is possible and to get recommendations on how to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your space. No matter what creative work you need, we’ll collaborate with you from start to finish to make sure we nail your brief. Whatever the project budget, we always deliver comprehensive design which includes photorealistic renders. These visualisations let you see exactly how your project will look before we move to the next stage.

Technical Documentation

Getting The Details Right

Detailed Drafting & Documentation is an essential part of the design process. We put a strong emphasis on this part of the process so we can achieve a high-quality build. This is an integral part of the process not only for production, but also for the design approval process by the shopping centre. Our team of designers, engineers and builders work together to devise solutions that enhance the productivity and aesthetics of your space within your budget and meeting any certifying requirements.


Your Dream Team

It’s critical to integrate the design and manufacture process under one roof. Our design and production team work together with you and the shopping centre RDM to ensure that your project has been designed and built precisely within the budget and the centres guidelines. This is extremely important part of the process. There is nothing more satisfying than the gears of teamwork working together for your success.

Design Management

We’re With You For Every Step

Our strength lies in having an extensive understanding of the ever-changing requirements set by various shopping centre groups. It can be an overwhelming and exhausting process bridging the gap between the creative and the commercial needs of tenants and landlords. Producing all relevant paperwork without the knowledge of what is needed can be time consuming and costly. We assist you through the red tape process by connecting all dots together for a seamless result. Over the years we’ve worked with major and independent retailers on their projects to understand what they’re thinking and what is most important to them.

Feature Work

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